Minister To Lam is responsible for police’s widespread use of drugs

The state of corruption and moral degradation of the Vietnamese police force has made public extremely upset. The violations of the “sword shield” force for the party, which do not stop at theft, kidnapping, extortion, etc. but have developed into drug use, are very serious.

People could not believe that the force, in the name of “existing as the Party remain” with the responsibility of ensuring security, order and safety for society, would allow such serious scandals to occur.

Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper on April 11 reported “Many traffic policemen were discovered using drugs in the hotel.” The news said that many traffic police officers working at Phu Nhuan District Police, District 1 Police and Thu Duc City Police, Ho Chi Minh City, were discovered using narcotics in hotels.

A source from Phap Luat newspaper confirmed that about 2 weeks ago, a working group of Binh Thanh District Police, while coordinating with the Police of Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, conducted an administrative inspection of a hotel and discovered many people who were using drugs. Through verification, the authorities determined that many people present at the drug use site were traffic policemen.

Notably, information about many officers and soldiers in the police sector using drugs recently has been repeatedly reported by the state-controlled media.

Previously, on April 7, Hai Phong Police destroyed a group of flying shakers in Thuong Ly ward, Hong Bang district. Among the 12 people participating in the drug party, 2 female police officers were caught red-handed with 0.13g of ketamine and a number of other exhibits. Afterwards, to appease public opinion, Hai Phong Police disciplined and stripped female officer Bui Thi Ngoc Bich of the police force.

According to observers, the “all-or-nothing” power battle between General Secretary Trong and Minister of Public Security To Lam is taking place fiercely. Unfavorable news for each side is blown up by their opponents, with the purpose of discrediting each other.

There was an immediate uproar on Vietnamese social networks and political forums. The majority expressed concern about the use of drugs by law enforcement officers, which is extremely dangerous for social order and safety. There are opinions that say “Society is now in chaos, the forces protecting the party are like, where will the country go next?”

Facebooker Bach Hoa commented “The traffic police force makes money so easily that they easily get into trouble. Thanks to blowing the alcohol concentration, people’s fines will probably be higher, so they should do it a little. No wonder, these guys compete on the streets to rob drivers to get money for drugs.”

Many opinions affirm that if the entire police force tests positive for drugs, it will be seen that no less than 10% of the police regularly use drugs, which is certain. The important reason is that if the Minister of Public Security is not strict and lenient, the soldiers will also do wrong. Therefore, it is normal for traffic police to become addicted.

Public opinion finds that it is unreasonable for the Ministry of Public Security to receive up to 85% of the fines collected for administrative violations in the field of traffic safety. That has stimulated the “excitement” of this force to make money at all costs. This encourages the police to seek for drivers’ violations, which is unacceptable behavior of “treating people as cash cows.”

Excessive favoritism towards the police force is one of the reasons why the moral situation in the police sector under Minister To Lam, since 2016 until now, has become corrupt and seriously degraded.

More worryingly, currently in Vietnam, Minister To Lam is making efforts to maintain a police regime, to maintain political security and maintain the country’s unique position as leader of state and society of the Communist Party of Vietnam. But the moral quality and behavior of the majority of officers and soldiers in the police sector, as seen, is alarming.

Public opinion asked General Secretary Trong to answer clearly to the people “Who makes the police forces corrupted so seriously?”

Is it true that the police forces become bad from senior officers to low-ranking one, and that is the consequence of the situation of “illegal at the top, chaos at the bottom” in the Vietnamese state system. Now is the time when the “ulcer” of Minister To Lam and the police sector is about to burst.


Tra My –